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06.06.2009 CYPRUS 2009 Forces Re-Writing Of GSSE History Books
06.06.2009 XIII GSSE Journey Comes To An End
06.06.2009 Artymata: "Error Cost Me Qualifying Standard"
06.06.2009 Cyprus Makes Record Gold Rush
06.06.2009 Clean Sweep Of Rhythmic Gymnastics By Cyprus
06.06.2009 Track & Field Opens With Two Games Records
06.06.2009 Gold For Cyprus In Men's Volleyball
06.06.2009 Seventh Gold For Cyprus' Men's Basketball
06.06.2009 Monaco's Golden Prince Of Fair Play
06.06.2009 Successful Games For Cypriot Sailors
06.06.2009 Three Nations On Top In Judo
06.06.2009 Favourites Take Gold In Table Tennis
06.06.2009 Cyprus Dominates Women's Volleyball
06.06.2009 Shialou, Stacchiotti And Iceland Receive Fair Play Awards
05.06.2009 Cyprus Lead The Hunt For Gold
05.06.2009 The Road To Gold For Men's Basketball Team Of Cyprus
05.06.2009 World & European Fair Play Movement Awards
05.06.2009 Favourites Ease Into Table Tennis Semis
05.06.2009 Cypriots Crowned 'Kings Of The Beach'
05.06.2009 Judo Joy For Monaco And Luxembourg
05.06.2009 Andorra To Challenge Cyprus For Gold
05.06.2009 Glory For Cyprus Beach Girls
05.06.2009 Gold Racquets From Monaco
05.06.2009 Two Golds For Cyprus In Sailing
05.06.2009 Bronze For Andorra, Luxembourg On The Beach
05.06.2009 Greek Spirit And Surprises At Closing of Games
05.06.2009 Tomassoni Shoots His Way To Gold
05.06.2009 The Easiest Gold For Luxembourg
05.06.2009 Maltese Ladies Land The Gold
05.06.2009 Undefeated Cyprus March On
05.06.2009 Little Stopping Iceland And Stacchiotti
05.06.2009 Cyprus Meets Monaco In Beach Volleyball Final
04.06.2009 Two Out Of Two For Cyprus And Andorra
04.06.2009 Cyprus Going Straight For Gold In Men's Basketball
04.06.2009 The Accomplishments of Raphael Stacchiotti
04.06.2009 A Great Achievement By Shialou
04.06.2009 Cyprus Takes Track & Field By Storm
04.06.2009 Cyprus And San Marino To Battle For Gold On The Beach
04.06.2009 Icelandic Superiority In The Pool
04.06.2009 Gold Medal Matches Determined In Tennis Doubles
04.06.2009 Sailing Approaches A Tense Finale
04.06.2009 Shialou Goes Down In History Books
04.06.2009 Iceland On The "Photo Finish" In Shooting
04.06.2009 A Greek-Coloured Evening
04.06.2009 Favourites Dominate Women's Trap
04.06.2009 Iceland-Cyprus For Silver In Women's Basketball
04.06.2009 Golden Shot For Monaco
04.06.2009 "Stacchioti Does The Improbable!"
04.06.2009 Home Affair Finals In Tennis
04.06.2009 XIII GSSE: The Numbers Speak For Themselves
04.06.2009 Cyprus And San Marino Make History In Mountain Biking
04.06.2009 President Of Iceland Visits Shooting Range
04.06.2009 Table Tennis Semifinalists Fired Up
04.06.2009 Carol Walsh: No Limitations For Veteran Runner
04.06.2009 Liechtenstein Claims Fifth Place in Beach Volleyball
03.06.2009 Cyprus Closes In On The Gold In Men's Basketball
03.06.2009 Cyprus In Top Form On The Beach
03.06.2009 First Victory For Cyprus In Women's Volleyball
03.06.2009 Thirty Medals Claimed In Gymnastics
03.06.2009 Double Gold Delight For Luxembourg In Table Tennis
03.06.2009 Aquatic Victories For Iceland, Cyprus And Luxembourg
03.06.2009 Malta Homes In On Women's Basketball Gold
03.06.2009 Three Cypriots Sail Ahead
03.06.2009 Monaco And Iceland Dominate Judo
03.06.2009 Andorra And Luxembourg Triumphant In Men's Basketball
03.06.2009 Silver For San Marino In Table Tennis
03.06.2009 Cyprus Closes In On Target
03.06.2009 Christoforou Dethrones Andreou
03.06.2009 "Kali Mera Kypros"
03.06.2009 Favourites Through To Tennis Semis
03.06.2009 Great Performance By Cyprus Duo
03.06.2009 All To Play For in Pool B On The Beach
03.06.2009 First Gold For Luxembourg
03.06.2009 San Marino On The Frontline
03.06.2009 Iceland Leading The Charge In Swimming
03.06.2009 Two Out Of Two For Iceland In Women's Volleyball
03.06.2009 Studying Going Well As Is GSSE
02.06.2009 Frustrated Ioannou Takes The Gold
02.06.2009 A Promising Start For Andorra And Iceland
02.06.2009 Luxembourg And Iceland In Command
02.06.2009 Luxembourg Leads In Table Tennis
02.06.2009 Double Victories For Cyprus, San Marino And Luxembourg
02.06.2009 Gold Medals For All In Judo
02.06.2009 Kallias Into Second Round In Tennis
02.06.2009 Artymata Breaks Into Qualifying Standard For Worlds
02.06.2009 No Suprises In The Double Trap
02.06.2009 Two Gold And A Bronze For Cyprus In Gymnastics
02.06.2009 Father And Daughter Secure Cyprus' First Gold
02.06.2009 Iceland: First Gold In The Hammer Throw
02.06.2009 George Vassilakopoulos Visits Imprisoned Graves
02.06.2009 Cyprus Secures 800th Medal
02.06.2009 Mountain Bike: The Ascent Begins
02.06.2009 Winning Start For Iceland, San Marino in Women's Volleyball
02.06.2009 "The Release Of A Mediterranean Flavour
02.06.2009 First Gold To Luxembourg; Cyprus Reaches 800
02.06.2009 Swimming Starts With New Records
01.06.2009 Children, Sun And Sea
01.06.2009 Small States Of Europe Grow In Number
01.06.2009 Basketball Preview: Jump Ball At The XIII GSSE
01.06.2009 Shooting Preview: "Open Fire" At The Range With Three Finals
01.06.2009 Judo Preview: Cyprus Looks To Hopeful Start
01.06.2009 New Beach Volleyball Courts Ready In Limassol
01.06.2009 COC President Welcomes Participants at XIII GSSE
31.05.2009 XIII GSSE Headquarters In Full Operation
31.05.2009 GSSE Country Profile: Cyprus
31.05.2009 William Chetcuti: Favourite To Win The Double Trap
30.05.2009 Panos Eraclous: Eight Gold In Eight GSSE
30.05.2009 Ouranios Ioannides: "No Publicity Means No Games"
30.05.2009 Dress Rehearsal Of Opening Ceremony On Eve Of Games
30.05.2009 XIII GSSE Welcome Ceremony at Olympic House
29.05.2009 GSSE Country Profile: Monaco
29.05.2009 Thyrotos: Captain For Ever
29.05.2009 Kinyras, 'Kypris And The Nereids'
28.05.2009 Tennis: The Stars Of The Games
28.05.2009 GSSE TV Production: The Big Challenge
28.05.2009 Trap Shooting: The Favourites of the GSSE
28.05.2009 Anninos Marcoullides: The Absolute Star
27.05.2009 Tickets For XIII GSSE Ceremonies Go On Sale
27.05.2009 Cyprus With 15 Swimmers In The GSSE
27.05.2009 GSSE Country Profile: Iceland
27.05.2009 GSSE Country Profile: Luxembourg
27.05.2009 GSSE Country Profile: Andorra
26.05.2009 Small States Of Europe Family Set To Grow
25.05.2009 Youth Camp - A Home Away From Home
25.05.2009 Ayios Tychonas Ready To Host GSSE
25.05.2009 GSSE: The Largest TV Production Ever
24.05.2009 Cyprus And San Marino Qualify In Women's Volleyball
23.05.2009 GSSE Family Mourns Death Of San Marino Athlete
22.05.2009 Antonis Andreou, Multiple GSSE Medallists
22.05.2009 "The High Level Of Organisation Is Guaranteed"
22.05.2009 Sports And Culture Hand In Hand At XIII GSSE
21.05.2009 Ouranios Ioannides: "Without The Sponsors There Would Be No GSSE"
21.05.2009 Dora's Gift Of Eight Gold Medals
21.05.2009 Cyprus Through The XIII GSSE Logo
21.05.2009 Women's Volleyball In Dress Rehearsal
21.05.2009 Criteria for Success: Results And Public Attendance
20.05.2009 Tough Tests For Men's Basketball
20.05.2009 Refurbished, High-Tech Pool Ready For Games
20.05.2009 Rhythmic Gymnastics Aims At Two Medals In Each Apparatus
20.05.2009 Fair Play Awards At The XIII GSSE
19.05.2009 Limassol To Play Active Part In XIII GSSE
18.05.2009 Crowds In Full Voice For Kyriacos Ioannou
18.05.2009 Kallias: "It's A Unique Feeling Playing In Cyprus"
18.05.2009 Basketball '85: The Big Chill
18.05.2009 Hospitality - The Strong Point of CYPRUS 2009
18.05.2009 Sun, Sea and Party on the Beach
16.05.2009 Encouraging Performances in Athletics
16.05.2009 Twenty Years On, Aiming for Gold Again
16.05.2009 Opening Ceremony with a Cypriot Character
16.05.2009 CYPRUS 2009: A Voyage Through History, Art and Culture
16.05.2009 Dinos Michaelides: "It Is Our Duty to Succeed"
15.05.2009 Basketball Calling on the Fans
15.05.2009 Beach Volleyball Sets the Bar High
14.05.2009 Pilakoutas Group to Support GSSE Transportation
14.05.2009 Accreditation: Two Thousand "Passports" To Be Issued
13.05.2009 Hopes for Distinction from Cyprus Sailors
13.05.2009 Staffing the Press Office and the Administration
13.05.2009 Preparation in Athens for Beach Volleyball Teams
13.05.2009 Tennis: Striving for a Medal and for Experience
12.05.2009 High-Ranking VIPs Expected at GSSE
12.05.2009 The Power of Cyprus is in Athletics
12.05.2009 High-Tech Games with Hellas Sat, Lumiere TV and the CyBC
11.05.2009 Transport Network Designed for Games
11.05.2009 Basketball Team Eyes GSSE Gold
11.05.2009 Baghdatis to Miss GSSE
11.05.2009 Cyprus Beach Teams Set Sights on Finals
08.05.2009 Mountain Bikers Prepare in Germany
05.05.2009 Duracell and Gillette Sign on as Sponsors
28.04.2009 Details of GSSE Ceremonies Unveiled
14.04.2009 Excitement at First Meeting of Volunteers
14.04.2009 Sponsorship Contracts Signed With Duracell, Gillette and ETKO
06.04.2009 "Cyprus Ready to Host Games Today"
03.04.2009 GSSE Delegates Complete Inspection Visits
03.04.2009 Meetings Conclude in Nicosia
03.04.2009 Delegates Visit Cycling Venue
03.04.2009 Swimming Test Event Starts in Limassol
01.04.2009 Organisation Ready to Enter Final Straight
31.03.2009 Heads of Delegations Convene in Nicosia
28.03.2009 FIVB Delegate Inspects XIII GSSE Volleyball Facilities
20.03.2009 President of Hellenic Olympic Committee to Be Briefed on GSSE
13.03.2009 Coca-Cola Named Gold Sponsor of CYPRUS 2009
20.02.2009 CYPRUS 2009: One Hundred Days to Games [Preview Photos]
04.02.2009 CYPRUS 2009 Medals Design Released [Preview Photos]
03.02.2009 Technical Committee Satisfied with Progress [Preview Photos]
30.01.2009 President of Turkish Olympic Committee in CYPRUS 2009
30.01.2009 Technical Committee Expected in Cyprus
22.01.2009 "Games Concern All Of Cyprus"
11.12.2008 Volunteer Ceremony Held in Nicosia [Preview Photos]
03.12.2008 Cyprus Tourism Organisation Involved in GSSE
28.11.2008 OPAP Cyprus to Support GSSE Effort
13.11.2008 CYPRUS 2009 Volunteer Programme to Launch [Preview Photos]
17.10.2008 First Commonwealth Youth Medal for Cyprus [Preview Photos]
12.10.2008 Cypriots Begin Competition in Pune [Preview Photos]
09.10.2008 Cyprus in Commonwealth Youth Games [Preview Photos]
05.10.2008 New President to Head GSSE Operations [Preview Photos]
24.08.2008 Cyprus Concludes Best-Ever Olympic Performance [Preview Photos]
24.08.2008 Iceland Wins Sole Olympic Medal Amongst Small States of Europe
19.08.2008 Medal Still Eludes Cyprus, as Games Wind Down [Preview Photos]
16.08.2008 Shots of Pride, With Tears in the Eyes [Preview Photos]
14.08.2008 Andri Eleftheriou Finishes 7th in Olympic Skeet Competition [Preview Photos]
14.08.2008 President Invites Chinese Schoolchildren to GSSE [Preview Photos]
14.08.2008 Iceland with Largest 'Small States' Delegation in Beijing
11.08.2008 Beijing Youth Camp with Participants from Cyprus [Preview Photos]
09.08.2008 Cyprus Welcomed at Olympic Village [Preview Photos]
08.08.2008 Cyprus Embarks on 2008 Olympic Quest [Preview Photos]
26.07.2008 First Group of Olympic Delegation Departs to Beijing [Preview Photos]
25.06.2008 Cyprus Fields the Largest Delegation of the XIII GSSE
17.06.2008 Cyprus Ready to Start Games Today
13.06.2008 First Record of CYPRUS 2009 Broken [Preview Photos]
10.06.2008 Executive and Technical Committees to Meet in Nicosia
31.05.2008 CYPRUS 2009 - One Year To Go
14.05.2008 First CYPRUS 2009 Press Conference Held in Nicosia [Preview Photos]
14.05.2008 Logo Unveiled in Nicosia
14.05.2008 Tefkros Appointed CYPRUS 2009 Mascot
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